Acupuncturists today have one of the most powerful tools in the treatment of pain, and it is not the needle. 

Acupuncture Pain Science Education was developed to Guide Acupuncturists in understanding the principles of modern Pain Science and Neuroplasticity in order to assimilate them into their practice in a way that makes sense and improves results.

To advance the Profession and improve Individual Practitioners' treatment of Pain we need to understand Pain. It is our hypothesis that the best way to understand something like pain in a tangible and applicable way is to identify the common principles between Modern Pain Science and Acupuncture.

There are thousands lineages of Chinese Medicine that students and practitioners can choose to learn from in order to develop the practice. Acupuncture Pain Science Education serves to fulfill the other half of this through in-person seminars, an online curriculum and other resources on pain science.


Zach Haigney M.S., L.Ac

Zach Haigney is the founder and owner of Athlos Sports Acupuncture, is licensed in NY and NJ. He is board certified by the NCCAOM

Zach studied acupuncture at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture with a focus on pain and sports related injuries and has received training from some of the best in the world of Sports Acupuncture including Matt Callison and Chad Bong.  He received his undergraduate degree from Boston College where he walked on to the varsity soccer team and studied Biology. Before studying acupuncture he lead Phase II clinical trials for the development of HIV and Hepatitis C antivirals at Quest Clinical Research in San Francisco.

As an athlete, he is committed to researching techniques, practices and principles old and new to aid his clients in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and improving their posture and movement capacities. He is an avid surfer, golfer, and supporter of Arsenal FC.