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Maine Sports Acupuncture is the new kid on the block here in Maine, our dedication to preserving pain-free health and function goes back to to 2006. While playing pick up soccer in San Francisco, our founder, Zach Haigney tried too hard and tore his ACL and Meniscus.

His doctors told him he would be off the soccer field, out of the surf, off the mountain for almost a year. This was unacceptable to Zach so he started learning about his injury, the rehabilitation process and ways to accelerate and optimize the process.

To accelerate the recovery from surgery Zach turned to Acupuncture and frankly was shocked with the results. The swelling was reduced, range motion improved and his recovery was accelerated getting him back to the things he loved faster than his doctor and PT expected.

This experience planted the seed for a future career.

During this period, Zach was working on developing new drugs for the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis with the plan of becoming a scientist.

However, the best part of the job was working with patients, educating them about the science of the diseases, the mechanisms of the new drugs they were working on and developing therapeutic relationships.

Things eventually clicked and Zach realized that he could combine his interest in sports, performance and rehabilitation, treating and educating athletes and patients and exploring the little understood but massively powerful ideas of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Fast forward to 2017: a child is born.

Louen Carlyle Haigney was born in March of 2017 - this set the stage for finding the best place to raise a family, build a Sports Acupuncture practice - prerequisites were the ocean, the mountains and a vibrant city (but not too vibrant).

Having spent summers and holidays at his grandparents house on Peaks Island Zach, convinced his wife, Justine, that Portland, Maine was the place to be.

2 years later, here we are, ready to serve the active population of Southern Maine.

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